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Sarah Massey, Principal & Owner
Sarah Massey is a public relations professional who specializes in storytelling and branding for social justice and the arts. Since 2005, Massey has supported the national and local progressive movements with creative and strategic communications. As we head into our eleventh year, Massey’s work has evolved to promoting arts, culture and community in the nation’s capital.

Before launching the public relations company, Sarah served as Media Specialist for the AFL-CIO, where her campaign experience included the national campaign to raise the minimum wage, the “Show us the Jobs Tour,” and Stop the F.T.A.A. Prior to specializing in communications and media, Sarah was an Urban Planner in New York City, where she worked with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as a transit rider’s advocate. While in New York City, Sarah worked as Communications Director for the environmental justice group WE ACT for Environmental Justice and as Communications Director for the National Employment Law Project.

Sarah’s hobbies include motorcycle riding, and she is the Sgt at Arms of the Outriders Women’s MC, the DC area’s LGBTQA motorcycle club. Read more of Sarah’s story in the Washington PostDare to Dream, and Urban Scrawl.




Faith FlanaganFaith Flanagan, Director Art Matters
Faith Flanagan is a Ninja curator, collector-in-the-rough, and over all intrepid art fan. Currently, she is responsible for developing new business and focusing on art matters for Massey Media and programming visual art projects for Studio 1469, among other endeavors.

She began her professional arts career in the public relations department at The Phillips Collection, with her final position as Director of Graphic Communication. In that role, she was tasked with creating and maintaining a distinct overall look and consistent style for the museum, as well as developing and producing graphics to include various Phillips publications.

Following this period, Faith was hired as Art Director by Surroundart, where her clients ranged from the Smithsonian Institution to private collectors. She worked with the exhibit designer and design staff to create cohesive appearances through careful study of varied clients’ design needs and managed client relations with exacting customers from conception to installation, working closely with exhibition designers, museum curators, production coordinators, and client staff for both public institutions and private firms. Seeing a unique opportunity to use her non-design skills, she transitioned to Director of Business Development. Her primary role was fostering and maintaining strong, long-term relationships with clients and managing the day-today details of those partnerships.

Faith has worked as Special Projects Coordinator and Assistant Director at Conner Contemporary Art. She has also been employed for part time registrar duties for a private collection, and visual arts program management for Solas Nua, a group dedicated to bringing contemporary Irish arts to the United States. She is most interested in contemporary visual art, but is open to talking about it all. Faith believes that creative people make the world a better place.

In addition to our core staff, Massey engages artists and partners in the fields of photography, cuisine, graphic design, web development, branding, video production and research to create and implement strategic public relations packages unique to each client.

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