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Sarah Massey, Principal & Owner
Sarah Massey is a public relations professional who specializes in storytelling and branding for social justice and the arts. Since 2005, Massey has supported the national and local progressive movements with creative and strategic communications. As we head into our eleventh year, Massey’s work has evolved to promoting arts, culture and community in the nation’s capital.

Before launching the public relations company, Sarah served as Media Specialist for the AFL-CIO, where her campaign experience included the national campaign to raise the minimum wage, the “Show us the Jobs Tour,” and Stop the F.T.A.A. Prior to specializing in communications and media, Sarah was an Urban Planner in New York City, where she worked with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as a transit rider’s advocate. While in New York City, Sarah worked as Communications Director for the environmental justice group WE ACT for Environmental Justice and as Communications Director for the National Employment Law Project.

Sarah’s hobbies include motorcycle riding, and she is the Sgt at Arms of the Outriders Women’s MC, the DC area’s LGBTQA motorcycle club. Read more of Sarah’s story in the Washington PostDare to DreamUrban Scrawl, Brightest Young Things.

In addition to our core staff, Massey engages artists and partners in the fields of photography, cuisine, graphic design, web development, branding, video production and research to create and implement strategic public relations packages unique to each client.

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